What to do When You Buy Property

New property owners often rely on their title company, real estate agent, or other representative to properly record and assess their property. The final responsibility is still yours, as the new owner, to see that all the necessary steps have been completed.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Record your deed in Probate Court.
  2. Assess the property in the Revenue Commissioner's Office.
  3. Claim any exemption due you.
  4. Make sure all of this is complete by December 31 for all property purchased prior to October 1, in order to receive a tax bill in your name for the next year.
  5. If your mortgage company has agreed to escrow and pay your property taxes, a copy of the assessment form should be mailed to the mortgage company as soon as it is received. This will give the mortgage company complete information to request a tax bill for your property.
  6. Report all address changes promptly.